For your security: Innovative Technologies.

Logistics process

We use innovative technologies for your supply security.

Multifunctional workstations:

Flexibility is evident in the ergonomic, multifunctional workstations that are integrated into the warehouse. A total of twelve multifunctional workstations were created during the initial construction phase. Each of these workstations is constructed identically and is intended for more than four different functions: picking, checking and pouring, and compacting. Depending on the requirements and capacity, goods receipt and goods issue tasks can also be handled at the workstations. Employees are enabled to focus more intensively on their tasks. Due to the increase in concentration, Würth Industrie Service ensures maximum error avoidance for the customer and therefore maximum supply security in C-Parts management.

OSR shuttle warehouse:

The OSR (Order Storage and Retrieval) shuttle warehouse is a small parts and buffer warehouse. The OSR consists of four lanes (two side by side and two on top of each other) which are designed to be independent of one another and redundant. The capacity of the small parts and buffer warehouse in the first construction stage includes 128,000 locations in the format 600x400 mm. In the final stage, this number can be expanded to 230,000 locations. Multiple lanes in the OSR ensure maximum security and flexibility in the availability of parts. By storing items in different lanes, the same item can be accessed at different locations in the event of an emergency.

Bin washing system:

  • All bins are fed through the plant's own bin washing system.
  • Total length: 14 metres
  • Two-lane system in a longitudinal direction
  • Max. bin size: all common KLT bin sizes up to the PAL box
  • Max. capacity: 1,000 items per hour (with KLT 4315)
  • Cleans: dust, oils, grease, chips and removes labels
  • Degree of dryness: drip-free, on the basis of VDA regulations (wipe test)
  • Optional: • Single-type and single-colour sorting • Bin storage
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