ORSY - Stock Management


ORSY®, short for Organised System, helps you save time and money.

Do you waste time searching for C-parts or counting stock when it’s time to reorder?

Eliminate costly and time-consuming activities including stocking shelves, stocktaking and ordering.

An ORSY® Rack System and ORSYMAT® Vending Machine takes the mental strain and legwork out of stock-keeping and procuring the parts you use most.

Our iconic red ORSY® is your tailor-made stocking solution.

Designed with your input and durably constructed, ORSY® is made for your specific working conditions, to make optimum use of existing space, grant fast access to whatever you desire, and ensure reliable stock management.

ORSY® helps you make significant savings by monitoring high volume items, find parts easier, and see what you need to reorder. There is no need for a pen and paper stock take, take advantage of ORSY® Scan’s fast data transfer to the online shop.

Quickly and effortlessly reorder Würth products with the ORSY® scanner. Just scan the product carton’s barcode or the racking’s Stick&Go label. Plug the scanner into your computer and complete the order process on our eShop.

Swiftly delivered, your stock on the racking is replenished with the help of your sales rep.